From Google Scholar & other sources: Selected Journal Articles, Newsletters, Dissertations, Theses, Commentary

From Google Scholar & other sources: Selected Journal Articles, Newsletters, Dissertations, Theses, Commentary

Journal of the American Pharmacists Association
Article in Press
Interventions to improve dissemination and implementation of Hepatitis B vaccination in patients with diabetes
Thomas Matta, Katherine O’Neal, Jeremy Johnson, Sandra Carter, Michelle Lamb, Lourdes Planas
The purpose of this study was to assess provider awareness of routine vaccinations recommended for patients with diabetes and to determine whether pharmacist-led interventions are associated with increased provider implementation of recommendations for hepatitis B vaccination.
This study was conducted in 3 phases at 2 outpatient clinics affiliated with an academic institution. In phase 1, adults with diabetes who visited the clinics between January and November 2012 and who were eligible for the hepatitis B vaccine were identified. In phase 2, medical residents were surveyed twice for vaccine recommendations and reasons for (not) recommending the hepatitis B vaccine, specifically. Residents were then provided a pharmacist-led in-service about hepatitis B vaccine recommendations. The third phase was initiated in April 2013, following postintervention observation from December 2012 through March 2013.
Forty-eight of 100 (48%) medical residents attended the in-service and completed both surveys, with 77% indicating they did not recommend the hepatitis B vaccine. During phase 1, 1441 patients were identified, 0.6% (n = 8) of whom had received at least the first dose of the series. In phase 3, 946 patients were identified with 1.7% (n = 16) having received at least the first dose (P = 0.007).
An attempt to disseminate updated recommendations to providers via educational in-service was successful in increasing the percentage of eligible patients vaccinated with the hepatitis B vaccine.