The Lancet – Jan 21, 2017 Volume 389 Number 10066 p225-330

The Lancet
Jan 21, 2017 Volume 389 Number 10066 p225-330

CEPI—a new global R&D organisation for epidemic preparedness and response
Børge Brende, Jeremy Farrar, Diane Gashumba, Carlos Moedas, Trevor Mundel, Yasuhisa Shiozaki, Harsh Vardhan, Johanna Wanka, John-Arne Røttingen
The outbreak of Ebola virus disease in west Africa in 2013–16 showed that the world is not sufficiently prepared to detect and respond to epidemic threats. It exposed a systemic need for stronger operational and strategic capabilities in infectious disease response, and for the development of more effective tools and technologies to manage, treat, and prevent disease. Evaluations of the Ebola response highlight that the global community must rethink how vaccines, diagnostics, and drugs for emerging infections are developed given their lack of commercial profitability, especially since outbreaks are most likely to occur in resource-constrained environments.