Science – 17 February 2017 Vol 355, Issue 6326

17 February 2017 Vol 355, Issue 6326

Data in public health
By Jeremy Berg
Science17 Feb 2017 : 669
In 1854, physician John Snow helped curtail a cholera outbreak in a London neighborhood by mapping cases and identifying a central public water pump as the potential source. This event is considered by many to represent the founding of modern epidemiology. Data and analysis play an increasingly important role in public health today. This can be illustrated by examining the rise in the prevalence of autism spectrum disorders (ASDs), where data from varied sources highlight potential factors while ruling out others, such as childhood vaccines, facilitating wise policy choices.

Policy Forum
Ensuring scientific integrity in the Age of Trump
By Gretchen T. Goldman, Emily Berman, Michael Halpern, Charise Johnson, Yogin Kothari, Genna Reed, Andrew A. Rosenberg
Science17 Feb 2017 : 696-698 Full Access
Policies to protect government scientists must be defended