Announcement: Transparency upgrade for Nature journals

Volume 543 Number 7645 pp288-458 16 March 2017

Announcement: Transparency upgrade for Nature journals
The Nature journals continue journey towards greater rigour.
15 March 2017
In 2013, this journal and many of the Nature research journals announced initiatives aimed at “reducing our irreproducibility” (Nature 496, 398; 2013). These included a life-sciences checklist for authors and editors intended to improve the transparency of the statistical and methodological aspects of laboratory work, together with abolition of length limits in online methods descriptions and greater attention to statistical evaluation.
At the same time, we encouraged the publishing of step-by-step protocols that are linked to the published papers and made available through the open repository Protocol Exchange. And, complementing our policy of mandated deposition for certain data types, we strongly encouraged or (in some cases) mandated the provision of source data underlying graphical items…