American Journal of Infection Control, April 01, 2017 Volume 45, Issue 4, p341-46

American Journal of Infection Control
April 01, 2017 Volume 45, Issue 4, p341-46

Major Articles
Antibiotic knowledge and self-medication practices in a developing country: A cross-sectional study
Antoun Jamhour, Ammar El-Kheir, Pascale Salameh, Pierre Abi Hanna, Hanine Mansour
Published online: January 12, 2017

Influenza vaccination among workers—21 U.S. states, 2013
Data from 21 states using the 2013 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System industry-occupation module were analyzed. Influenza vaccination coverage was reported by select industry and occupation groups, including health care personnel (HCP) and other occupational groups who may have first priority to receive influenza vaccination during a pandemic (tier 1). The t tests were used to make comparisons between groups.
Alissa C. O’Halloran, Peng-jun Lu, Walter W. Williams, Pamela Schumacher, Aaron Sussell, Jan Birdsey, Winifred L. Boal, Marie Haring Sweeney, Sara E. Luckhaupt, Carla L. Black, Tammy A. Santibanez
Published in issue: April 01, 2017