Health Research Policy and Systems

Health Research Policy and Systems
[Accessed 1 April 2017]

Development of the Good Health Research Practice course: ensuring quality across all health research in humans
Quality and ethics need to be embedded into all areas of research with human participants. Good Clinical Practice (GCP) guidelines are international ethical and scientific quality standards for designing, cond…
Patricia Henley, Varalakshmi Elango, Olaf Horstick, Riris Andono Ahmad, Christine Maure, Pascal Launois, Corinne Merle, Jamila Nabieva and Yodi Mahendradhata
Health Research Policy and Systems 2017 15:28
Published on: 31 March 2017

The impact on healthcare, policy and practice from 36 multi-project research programmes: findings from two reviews
We sought to analyse the impacts found, and the methods used, in a series of assessments of programmes and portfolios of health research consisting of multiple projects.
Steve Hanney, Trisha Greenhalgh, Amanda Blatch-Jones, Matthew Glover and James Raftery
Health Research Policy and Systems 2017 15:26
Published on: 28 March 2017