Vaccine, Volume 35, Issue 18, Pages 2279-2530 (25 April 2017)

Volume 35, Issue 18, Pages 2279-2530 (25 April 2017)

Informing pneumococcal conjugate vaccine policy in middle-income countries: The case of Malaysia
Pages 2288-2290
Serena Tricarico, Hannah C. McNeil, Michael G. Head, David W. Cleary, Stuart C. Clarke, on behalf of MYCarriage

Consensus statement from 17 relevant Japanese academic societies on the promotion of the human papillomavirus vaccine
Pages 2291-2292
Satoshi Iwata, Kenji Okada, Kei Kawana, Expert Council on Promotion of Vaccination

Rabies: Still a silent killer targeting the poor
Pages 2293-2294
Henry Wilde, Siriporn Ghai, Thiravat Hemachudha

Short communications
Cognitive testing to evaluate revisions to the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) reporting form
Pages 2295-2297
Tiffany A. Suragh, Elaine R. Miller, Beth F. Hibbs, Scott K. Winiecki, Craig Zinderman, Tom T. Shimabukuro

Measuring maternal Tdap and influenza vaccination rates: Comparison of two population-based methods
Pages 2298-2302
Ruth Koepke, Stephanie L. Schauer, Jeffrey P. Davis