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 World Report on Health Policy and Systems Research
WHO; Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research
April 2017 :: 56 pages
ISBN 978-92-4-151226-8
Foreward [Excerpt]
In the 1990s, two far-sighted reports recognized that health policy and systems research was a neglected area of research, particularly in middle- and low-income countries. These were the historic reports of the Commission on Health Research for Development and that of the Ad Hoc Committee on Health Research. Since then, as the current text well illustrates, the field has developed substantially –not least through the creation of the Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research in 2000 and that of Health Systems Global in 2012.

This first World Report on Health Policy and Systems Research reflects the importance of monitoring and measuring developments in the field. It provides evidence that allows national policy-makers and funders to see how their investments contribute to the generation and use of policy-relevant knowledge. Its chapters describe the evolution of the field, the current state of play and results to date, the challenge of institutional capacity and emerging trends, illustrating the importance of this area of research for the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals.

New partners promoting this field of research have come on the scene in the past two decades and ‘closed’ disciplines no longer offer such attractive pathways. This is a broad-ranging report, relevant to stakeholders in public health from many disciplines and training, at all career levels, in all parts of the globe. It collects together for the first time figures on various significant aspects of health policy and systems research: growth in the number of publications, collaboration between researchers in different parts of the world, funding trends, institutional capacity in low- and middle-income countries, and much more. As the WHO Director-General has said, “In the absence of sound evidence, we will have no good way to compel efficient investments in health systems.”
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