Think Tanks et al

Think Tanks et al

Council on Foreign Relations
Accessed 6 May 2017
Can Drug Importation Address High Generic Drug Prices?
by Thomas J. Bollyky, Aaron S. Kesselheim May 5, 2017
…we propose a sustainable strategy to address price spikes among U.S. generic drugs and improve patients’ access to safe medicines. We begin by outlining the important role of generic medicines in the U.S. health system and the market failures that have contributed to recent price hikes and shortages. Next, we consider the various strategies that have been proposed to address those market failures and the reasons that those strategies are likely to fall short in fixing the problem. Third, we propose a three-pronged approach for increasing competition in the U.S. generic drug market, while minimizing any attendant risks to patient safety or undermining the institutional role of the FDA. This proposal centers on the use of reciprocal drug approval and draws on previous precedents and the existing platforms for regulatory cooperation in the pharmaceutical sector. Last, we apply our proposal to show how it might affect international competition among a cohort of U.S. drugs currently eligible for generic competition, but lacking sufficient competition to achieve substantial price reductions…

Accessed 6 May 2017
New Partnerships Needed After Ebola’s Hard Lessons:
Program Manager and Research Associate Chris Millard and I published a new commentary exploring the vital importance of vaccines in both preventing and mitigating the effects of the next pandemic. We argue that three lessons came from the Ebola experience: 1) not having a vaccine at the ready when an outbreak strikes creates huge vulnerabilities and imposes tremendous costs; 2) scrambling to accelerate vaccine development in the middle of an outbreak is expensive and no way to conduct business; and 3) a new approach is needed to create durable partnerships, innovate and act early, and get ahead of the curve in vaccine development against dangerous pathogens. The piece was published by the Thomson Reuters Foundation