Rebuilding transformation strategies in post-Ebola epidemics in Africa

Infectious Diseases of Poverty
[Accessed 13 May 2017]

Letter to the Editor
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Rebuilding transformation strategies in post-Ebola epidemics in Africa
Ernest Tambo, Chryseis F. Chengho, Chidiebere E. Ugwu, Isatta Wurie, Jeannetta K. Jonhson and Jeanne Y. Ngogang
Infectious Diseases of Poverty20176:71
DOI: 10.1186/s40249-017-0278-2
Published: 10 May 2017
Rebuilding transformation strategies in post-Ebola epidemics in West Africa requires long-term surveillance and strengthening health system preparedness to disease outbreak. This paper assesses reconstruction efforts from socio-cultural, economic and ecological transformation response approaches and strategies in improving sustainable survivors and affected communities livelihood and wellbeing. A comprehensive approach is required in the recovery and rebuilding processes. Investing in rebuilding transformation requires fostering evidence-based and effective engaging new investors partnership strengthening, financing community-based programmes ownership, novel socio-economic innovations strategies and tools against the evolving and future Ebola epidemics. Thus, there should be improved community partnership, health and economic rebuilding programmes to address mistrust and care underutilization, poverty and care access inequity at all levels. Implementing effective post-Ebola national ‘One Health’ approach coupled with climate change mitigation and adaptations strategies is urgent public health needs aiming at improving the quality healthcare access, delivery trust and uptake in anticipation of EVD immunization program, productivity and emerging economy.