Repair and Regeneration

09 June 2017  Vol 356, Issue 6342

Special Issue: Repair and Regeneration
Introduction to special issue
Repair and Regeneration
By Beverly A. Purnell, Pamela J. Hines
Science09 Jun 2017 : 1020-1021
Life brings minor ravages in the form of wrinkles and creaky knees, as well as the major sequelae of disease or injury such as blindness, wounds that will not heal, and hearts losing function. The body does its best to deal with each challenge. But unlike the facile reconstruction of missing axolotl and planarian parts, our innate regenerative powers have limits. We are left with scars, diminished mobility, and weakened function. This special issue highlights areas of active research to understand mechanisms of repair and regeneration, with an eye toward therapeutic applications…