Bulletin of the World Health Organization Volume 95, Number 7, July 2017, 481-544

Bulletin of the World Health Organization
Volume 95, Number 7, July 2017, 481-544

Data sharing statements for clinical trials: a requirement of the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors
Darren B Taichman, Peush Sahni, Anja Pinborg, Larry Peiperl, Christine Laine, Astrid James, Sung-Tae Hong, Abraham Haileamlak, Laragh Gollogly, Fiona Godlee, Frank A Frizelle, Fernando Florenzano, Jeffrey M Drazen, Howard Bauchner, Christopher Baethge & Joyce Backus

Systems science for universal health coverage
Timothy G Evans & Marie Paule Kieny

Implementation research to improve quality of maternal and newborn health care, Malawi
Stephan Brenner, Danielle Wilhelm, Julia Lohmann, Christabel Kambala, Jobiba Chinkhumba, Adamson S Muula & Manuela De Allegri
We observed 33 health facilities, 23 intervention facilities and 10 control facilities and 401 pregnant women across four districts. The scheme improved the availability of both functional equipment and essential drug stocks in the intervention facilities. We observed positive effects in respect to drug procurement and clinical care activities at non-intervention facilities, likely in response to improved district management performance. Birth assistants’ adherence to clinical protocols improved across all studied facilities as district health managers supervised and coached clinical staff more actively.

Strengthening health systems for universal health coverage and sustainable development
Marie Paule Kieny, Henk Bekedam, Delanyo Dovlo, James Fitzgerald, Jarno Habicht, Graham Harrison, Hans Kluge, Vivian Lin, Natela Menabde, Zafar Mirza, Sameen Siddiqi & Phyllida Travis