Progress in Ebola Virus Vaccine Development

Journal of Infectious Diseases
Volume 215, Issue 12   15 June 2017

Editor’s Choice
Progress in Ebola Virus Vaccine Development
Matthias J. Schnell
It has been a long journey of almost 20 years for the vesicular stomatitis virus (VSV)–based vaccine against Ebola virus (EBOV) to finally enter clinical trials for safety and efficacy. In 1996 the first VSV-based vector research was published by Rose’s group at Yale University [1], and by 1998 Feldmann, Klenk and Volchkov had used a VSV-EBOV chimera as a model system for EBOV biology and pathogenicity. These initial studies of pathogenicity were expanded in 2003 in early vaccine development with the VSV deleted of its own glycoprotein (GP) but expressing instead the EBOV GP.