WHO & Regional Offices [to 15 July 2017]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 15 July 2017]

Extending health coverage in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
13 July 2017 – In the Tanganyika province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, going to a health centre often means traveling long distances over poor roads, while carrying a sick child and supplies. WHO’s Rapid Access Expansion Programme (RAcE) is bringing diagnosis and treatment for malaria, pneumonia, and diarrhoea – the three deadliest childhood diseases – into remote communities.

Trachoma: 85 million people treated through expanded access to medicine
2017 – New WHO data show a remarkable increase of 63% in the number of people treated with an antibiotic for trachoma from 2014–2016, considerably improving prospects for the global elimination of the disease. The surge is mainly due to expanded access to azithromycin.

Measles continues to spread and take lives in Europe
July 2017 – Ongoing measles outbreaks in the Europe have caused 35 deaths in the past year. The most recent fatality was a 6-year-old boy in Italy, where over 3300 measles cases and 2 deaths have occurred since June 2016. Several other countries have also reported outbreaks, according to national public health authorities.

Scaling up efforts to minimize spread of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera in the Eastern Mediterranean Region
July 2017 – With increasing numbers of people in some countries of WHO’s Eastern Mediterranean Region affected by acute watery diarrhoea and cholera, WHO is working with partners, including UNICEF, to save lives in areas where outbreaks are active, and reduce the risk of these diseases crossing into unaffected areas and neighbouring countries.


Weekly Epidemiological Record, 14 July 2017, vol. 92, 28 (pp. 393–404)
:: Meeting of the Global Advisory Committee on Vaccine Safety, 7–8 June 2017
:: Monthly report on dracunculiasis cases, January– May 2017

Disease outbreak news
:: Cholera – Nigeria – 12 July 2017
:: Acute hepatitis E – Nigeria  – 12 July 2017
WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
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:: Paramount rulers in the Northern Nigeria recommit to improving health indicators in the region.  10 July 2017 – Sokoto, 10 July 2017 – Paramount rulers under the umbrella body,…

WHO European Region EURO
:: Using experience and lessons learned to help countries combat tobacco industry tactics 13-07-2017
:: Public health advice as heatwave continues across southern and central Europe 13-07-2017
:: Measles continues to spread and take lives in Europe 11-07-2017
:: Collaboration among immunization programmes aims to bring Europe closer to stopping HPV 10-07-2017
:: Minister of Health of Lithuania visits WHO/Europe to discuss key priorities and collaboration 10-07-2017

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: WHO and partners, including UNICEF, scale up efforts to minimize spread of acute watery diarrhoea/cholera in the Eastern Mediterranean Region  10 July 2017