BMC Public Health (Accessed 19 August 2017)

BMC Public Health
(Accessed 19 August 2017)

Research article
Local measles vaccination gaps in Germany and the role of vaccination providers
Measles elimination in Europe is an urgent public health goal, yet despite the efforts of its member states, vaccination gaps and outbreaks occur. This study explores local vaccination heterogeneity in kinderg…
Linda Eichner, Stephanie Wjst, Stefan O. Brockmann, Kerstin Wolfers and Martin Eichner
BMC Public Health 2017 17:656
Published on: 14 August 2017

Research article
Controversial Ebola vaccine trials in Ghana: a thematic analysis of critiques and rebuttals in digital news
Communication is of paramount importance in responding to health crises. We studied the media messages put forth by different stakeholders in two Ebola vaccine trials that became controversial in Ghana. These
Per Egil Kummervold, William S. Schulz, Elizabeth Smout, Luis Fernandez-Luque and Heidi J. Larson
BMC Public Health 2017 17:642
Published on: 7 August 2017