Milestones :: Perspectives  

Milestones :: Perspectives
Editor’s Note
We generally reserve this section of our digest for major strategic announcements and significant milestones in the vaccines/immunization space. We share below the text from a WHO recognition that represents, in our view, such a milestone.

“WHO would like to express its thanks and appreciation for the contribution and leadership for the advancement of global health by Dr. Philippe Duclos, Secretary to the Strategic Advisory Group of Experts (SAGE) on Immunization 2005 – 2017”

We understand that WHO held a celebratory event this past Friday to recognize the retirement and final service day of Dr. Philippe Duclos, Executive Secretary to SAGE for many years as indicated. For those who may have served in roles leading and facilitating the development and implementation of global normative standards (in health or any human endeavor) it is clear that it requires an extraordinary mix of technical competence, political skill, and other sensibilities rarely found together.

Phil Duclos evidenced these attributes splendidly and navigated the changing ecology of SAGE with aplomb. His leadership was critical to the many achievements of SAGE during his tenure.

For our part, CVEP found Phil to be ever patient, ever engaged, and ever open to us and the CSO community, which has been a growing part of that SAGE ecology.

We wish him a splendid next adventure, wherever that may take him.