PLoS One [Accessed 2 September 2017]

PLoS One
[Accessed 2 September 2017]

Research Article
Stakeholder perceptions of communication about vaccination in two regions of Cameroon: A qualitative case study
Heather Ames, Diangha Mabel Njang, Claire Glenton, Atle Fretheim, Jessica Kaufman, Sophie Hill, Afiong Oku, Julie Cliff, Yuri Cartier, Xavier Bosch-Capblanch, Gabriel Rada, Artur Manuel Muloliwa, Angela Oyo-Ita, Awah Paschal Kum, Simon Lewin
Research Article | published 31 Aug 2017 PLOS ONE

Equalizing access to pandemic influenza vaccines through optimal allocation to public health distribution points
Hsin-Chan Huang, Bismark Singh, David P. Morton, Gregory P. Johnson, Bruce Clements, Lauren Ancel Meyers
Research Article | published 30 Aug 2017 PLOS ONE