Science Translational Medicine – 30 August 2017

Science Translational Medicine
30 August 2017  Vol 9, Issue 405

Subcutaneous drug delivery: An evolving enterprise
By Graham B. Jones, David S. Collins, Michael W. Harrison, Nagarajan R. Thyagarajapuram, Justin M. Wright
Science Translational Medicine30 Aug 2017 Restricted Access
Recent advances in subcutaneous drug delivery and device design are transforming the biopharmaceutical sector and improving patient care.

Research Articles
Increased adaptive immune responses and proper feedback regulation protect against clinical dengue
By Etienne Simon-Lorière, Veasna Duong, Ahmed Tawfik, Sivlin Ung, Sowath Ly, Isabelle Casadémont, Matthieu Prot, Noémie Courtejoie, Kevin Bleakley, Philippe Buchy, Arnaud Tarantola, Philippe Dussart, Tineke Cantaert, Anavaj Sakuntabhai
Science Translational Medicine30 Aug 2017 Full Access
Increased activation of adaptive immunity and proper feedback mechanisms can eliminate dengue viral infection without clinical symptoms.