Think Tanks et al

Think Tanks et al
Accessed 16 September 2017
Private Sector Investment in Global Health R&D
Spending Levels, Barriers, and Opportunities
Darrell M. West, John Villasenor, and Jake Schneider
In this report—the second published by the Project—authors Darrell West, John Villasenor, and Jake Schneider examine current private sector spending by pharmaceutical firms, venture capital funds, and impact investors in global health R&D. They analyze three types of R&D spending and, using data from a number of sources, calculate how much the private sector currently invests in each:
::Overall R&D focused on drugs, vaccines, and therapeutics in the developed and developing world: The authors calculate that there is an annual total of at least $159.9 billion spent on overall health R&D. This includes $156.7 billion from pharmaceutical companies and at least $3.2 billion from venture capital.
:: Global health R&D that emphasizes medical treatments in the developing world: An estimated annual total of $5.9 billion is spent on global health R&D focused on the developing world, with $5.6 billion coming from pharmaceutical firms and $225.8 million from venture capital companies.
:: Neglected disease R&D, which focuses on drugs, vaccines, and therapeutics for 35 specific illnesses that primarily impact populations in very poor nations: This category attracts the least private R&D money with a total of $471 million from pharmaceutical funders and $40 million from impact investors. (see full report)