Data Sharing in the Pharmaceutical Enterprise: The Genie’s Out of the Bottle

Clinical Therapeutics
September 2017 Volume 39, Issue 9, p1751-1906

Data Sharing in the Pharmaceutical Enterprise: The Genie’s Out of the Bottle
Paul Beninger, James Connelly, Chandrasekhar Natarajan
Published online: August 17, 2017
This Commentary shows that the present emphasis on the sharing of data from clinical trials can be extended to the entire pharmaceutical enterprise.
The authors constructed a Data Sharing Dashboard that shows the relationship between all of the life-cycle domains of the pharmaceutical enterprise from discovery to obsolescence and the domain-bridging disciplines, such as target credentialing, structure-activity relationships, and exposure-effect relationships.
The published literature encompassing the pharmaceutical enterprise is expansive, covering the major domains of discovery, translation, clinical development, and post-marketing outcomes research, all of which have even larger, though generally inaccessible, troves of legacy data bases. Notable exceptions include the fields of genomics and bioinformatics.
We have the opportunity to broaden the present momentum of interest in data sharing to the entire pharmaceutical enterprise, beginning with discovery and extending into health technology assessment and post-patent expiry generic use with the plan of integrating new levels and disciplines of knowledge and with the ultimate goal of improving the care of our patients.