Media/Policy Watch

Media/Policy Watch

This watch section is intended to alert readers to substantive news, analysis and opinion from the general media and selected think tanks and similar organizations on vaccines, immunization, global public health and related themes. Media Watch is not intended to be exhaustive, but indicative of themes and issues CVEP is actively tracking. This section will grow from an initial base of newspapers, magazines and blog sources, and is segregated from Journal Watch above which scans the peer-reviewed journal ecology.

We acknowledge the Western/Northern bias in this initial selection of titles and invite suggestions for expanded coverage. We are conservative in our outlook in adding news sources which largely report on primary content we are already covering above. Many electronic media sources have tiered, fee-based subscription models for access. We will provide full-text where content is published without restriction, but most publications require registration and some subscription level.
The Atlantic
Accessed 21 October 2017
Will the World’s Most Worrying Flu Virus Go Pandemic?
There’s good news and bad news.
Ed Yong
Oct 19, 2017

Foreign Policy
Accessed 21 October 2017
Yemen’s Humanitarian NightmareThe Real Roots of the Conflict
November/December 2017
Asher Orkaby

New York Times
Accessed 21 October 2017
The Long War on Polio, as Recalled by Its Generals
“Coffee With Polio Experts” videos may be amateurish, but they are full of insights explaining why polio eradication has been such a struggle.
October 20, 2017 – By DONALD G. McNEIL Jr – Health – Print Headline: “”

Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Kills 1 Person in Uganda
One Ugandan has died of Marburg, a highly infectious disease that, like Ebola, manifests as a viral hemorrhagic fever, Uganda’s health minister said Thursday.
October 19, 2017 – By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS – World – Print Headline: “Marburg Hemorrhagic Fever Kills 1 Person in Uganda”