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Polio this week as of 25 October 2017 [GPEI]
:: On 24 October, millions of people around the globe engaged in actions for World Polio Day. Highlights included the 5th annual World Polio Day event, bringing together experts and celebrities to share progress on the road to polio eradication, hosted by Rotary and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in Seattle, Washington, USA; and a show of support from individuals, national governments, and media outlets around the world.

:: Read World Polio Day coverage about the unsung heroes of polio eradication and how we are ending polio. From the field, read Polio and Me: A Syrian Doctor’s Story, how one man became a doctor to end polio and protect children from the disease that crippled him as a young boy.
In a remarkable endorsement, German Chancellor Angela Merkel used her weekly podcast to draw attention to the World Polio Day (celebrated in Germany on 28 October) and the considerable progress in polio eradication.

:: Summary of newly-reported viruses this week:
Afghanistan: Two new wild poliovirus 1 (WPV1) positive environmental samples reported, one from Nangarhar and one from Kandahar provinces.
Pakistan: One new wild poliovirus 1 (WPV1) positive environmental sample reported, in Sindh province.
…Additionally, an advance notification was received this week of a new WPV1 case in Afghanistan from Shahwalikot district in Kandahar province.  The case will be officially reflected in next week’s global data reporting.


Situation reports on the polio outbreak in Syria
Situation update 24 October 2017
Key highlights
:: No new cases of cVDPV2 were reported this week. The total number of cVDPV2 cases remains 52. All confirmed cases to date have had onset of paralysis before 25 August 2017
:: Two immunization rounds have now been completed in both Deir Ez-Zor and Raqqa governorates bringing the first phase of the outbreak response to a close. Post Campaign Monitoring results for the second Raqqa round are still being compiled into a final report. However, initial data reports 84% of children were reported as vaccinated through market surveys
:: IPV campaign activities aiming to reach children aged between 2-23 months in 2 districts of Raqqa governorate (Raqqa and Thawra) have now concluded. Work is on ongoing to start this activity in Tell Abyad district as quickly as possible
:: A review of the ongoing risks of continued polio transmission in Syria has been conducted and critical contingency planning is in development for any potential breakthrough cases in known outbreak zones or spread of virus to new areas of the country
:: On World Polio Day (October 24) the polio programme thanks the dedicated vaccinators who work tirelessly to reach every child, the parents who demand the vaccine for their children and the donors who commit the funds necessary to finance eradication efforts


Bill Gates: Polio will be eradicated this year, the endgame is near
CNBC | 24 October 2017
:: In 1988 — when wild poliovirus was in more than 125 countries, paralyzing 350,000 people every year — the World Health Assembly launched the Global Polio Eradication Initiative to help eliminate the disease through a mass immunization campaign.
:: In 2007 the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation joined other major health organizations already committed to the GPEI, contributing nearly $3 billion toward eradicating polio by 2020.
:: Today 12 cases of poliovirus exist in two countries, and the Gates Foundation is optimistic the last case of polio could be seen this year.
Tuesday marks Rotary International’s fifth annual World Polio Day, co-hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and there is much cause for celebration: It is very possible that 2017 may see the end of the wild poliovirus — nearly two years earlier than Bill Gates predicted.    “What we’re looking at now is sort of the endgame of polio eradication,” says Dr. Jay Wenger, who leads the Gates Foundation’s polio eradication efforts. “We are closer than ever, and we’re optimistic that we can see the end of wild poliovirus disease by as early as this year,” he said…


World Polio Day: Gavi’s role in polio eradication
24 October marks World Polio Day, when the global community celebrates the immense progress and considers the work ahead to ensure no child suffers from polio again.
Gavi works with the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) to support one of the fastest roll-outs of a new vaccine in the history of vaccination.
In partnership with GPEI, we support the introduction of at least one dose of inactivated polio vaccine (IPV) in all Gavi-supported countries…


WHO Grade 3 Emergencies  [to 28 October 2017]
The Syrian Arab Republic
:: WHO reinforces health care services for thousands of people in newly accessible areas of Ar-Raqqa governorate, Syria
24 October 2017, Damascus, Syria — As areas in Ar-Raqqa governorate become accessible, WHO continues to strengthen health care services for thousands of people in the area through the delivery of 5 tons of medicines and medical supplies with support from the United Kingdom Department for International Development, the European Union and Norway24 October 2017, Damascus, Syria — As areas in Ar-Raqqa governorate become accessible, the World Health Organization (WHO) continues to strengthen health care services for thousands of people in the area through the delivery of medicines and medical supplies to Al-Tabqa National Hospital, northwest of Ar-Raqqa city…
:: Situation reports on the polio outbreak in Syria
Situation update 24 October 2017
[See Polio above]

:: Daily epidemiology bulletin, 25 October 2017
872,415 – Suspected cases
2,180 – Associated deaths
0.25%  – Case Fatality Rate
96%  – Governorates affected   ( 22 / 23 governorates )
92%  – Districts affected   ( 305 / 333 districts )

WHO Grade 2 Emergencies  [to 28 October 2017]
::  Situation Report: 8 – Emergency type: Bangladesh/Myanmar: Rakhine Conflict 2017
Date: 20 October 2017
:: As of 17 October 2017, cumulative number of new arrivals in all sites of Ukiah, Teknaf, Cox’s Bazar and Ramu: 589,000, including 46,000 in host communities, 313,000 in Kutupalong Balukhali and 161 000 in new spontaneous sites.
:: By end of 8th day of the Oral Cholera Vaccine campaign, 700,487 people were vaccinated, reaching 106% of the total estimated target population. No immediate adverse events from immunization were reported.
:: First Morbidity Mortality Weekly Bulletin built on the Early Warning and Response System (daily data received from MoHFW and various service providers operating in settlements in Myanmar and CXB) provides data on the prevailing epidemiological situation for the period 25 August to 10 October.
:: MSF has issued an urgent appeal for humanitarian assistance, even as it scales up its response by hiring additional 800 staff, increasing five-fold their strength staff on the ground in Cox’s Bazar to 1,000.
:: WASH situation in temporary settlements in Shah Porir Dwip and Kerontuli/Chakmarkul show improvement though accessing safe water continues to be a challenge.
:: UN Humanitarian Advisor Mr Henry Glorieux and UN Humanitarian Specialist Mr Kazi from UNRC office visited the new and existing settlements in CXB for the OCV campaign and other public health efforts.

UN OCHA – L3 Emergencies
The UN and its humanitarian partners are currently responding to three ‘L3’ emergencies. This is the global humanitarian system’s classification for the response to the most severe, large-scale humanitarian crises. 
:: Humanitarians are reaching thousands of recently displaced people [EN/AR/KU]  Report
(Baghdad, 21 October 2017) – Humanitarian partners are reaching thousands of people with emergency assistance on a daily basis.
During the past week, well over 100,000 civilians fled from Kirkuk, Makhmur and Tuz Khurmatu districts. Smaller numbers fled Zummar. The situation remains very fluid, with people sometimes fleeing for less than 24 hours before returning home.
Partners are rushing to provide assistance to highly vulnerable families. More than 15,000 emergency food rations were distributed and mobile medical teams are visiting camps and villages to provide health care. Emergency support including water, blankets, hygiene items and household kits is being distributed in areas hosting displaced people…

Syrian Arab Republic
:: 26 Oct 2017  First rehabilitated health centre in eastern Aleppo city, Syria, opens with WHO support
…The centre re-opened in September 2017 with 5 specialized clinics for internal medicine, reproductive health and child care, and orthopedic and dermatological care. Services are provided by 34 health workers, including 10 physicians and 12 nurses,” said Dr Hamdi Noufal, director of the Saad Ibn Abi Waqas health centre.
“Since its re-opening, the centre has treated more than 2400 patients,” Dr Noufal added…


UN OCHA – Corporate Emergencies
When the USG/ERC declares a Corporate Emergency Response, all OCHA offices, branches and sections provide their full support to response activities both at HQ and in the field.

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