PLoS One

PLoS One

Health impact and cost-effectiveness of a domestically-produced rotavirus vaccine in India: A model based analysis
Johnie Rose, Laura Homa, Sharon B. Meropol, Sara M. Debanne, Roger Bielefeld, Claudia Hoyen, Mendel E. Singer
| published 03 Nov 2017 PLOS ONE

Catch-up HPV vaccination status of adolescents in relation to socioeconomic factors, individual beliefs and sexual behaviour
Maria Grandahl, Margareta Larsson, Tina Dalianis, Christina Stenhammar, Tanja Tydén, Ragnar Westerling, Tryggve Nevéus
Research Article | published 03 Nov 2017 PLOS ONE

The impact of antenatal care, iron–folic acid supplementation and tetanus toxoid vaccination during pregnancy on child mortality in Bangladesh
Tanvir Abir, Felix Akpojene Ogbo, Garry John Stevens, Andrew Nicolas Page, Abul Hasnat Milton, Kingsley Emwinyore Agho
Research Article | published 01 Nov 2017 PLOS ONE

Human-centred design in global health: A scoping review of applications and contexts
Alessandra N. Bazzano, Jane Martin, Elaine Hicks, Maille Faughnan, Laura Murphy
Research Article | published 01 Nov 2017 PLOS ONE
Health and wellbeing are determined by a number of complex, interrelated factors. The application of design thinking to questions around health may prove valuable and complement existing approaches. A number of public health projects utilizing human centered design (HCD), or design thinking, have recently emerged, but no synthesis of the literature around these exists. The results of a scoping review of current research on human centered design for health outcomes are presented. The review aimed to understand why and how HCD can be valuable in the contexts of health-related research. Results identified pertinent literature as well as gaps in information on the use of HCD for public health research, design, implementation and evaluation. A variety of contexts were identified in which design has been used for health. Global health and design thinking have different underlying conceptual models and terminology, creating some inherent tensions, which could be overcome through clear communication and documentation in collaborative projects. The review concludes with lessons learned from the review on how future projects can better integrate design thinking with global health research.

The full benefits of adult pneumococcal vaccination: A systematic review
Elizabeth T. Cafiero-Fonseca, Andrew Stawasz, Sydney T. Johnson, Reiko Sato, David E. Bloom
Research Article | published 31 Oct 2017 PLOS ONE