CDC/ACIP [to 11 November 2017]

CDC/ACIP [to 11 November 2017]

MMWR News Synopsis for November 9, 2017
Country Immunization Information System Assessments — Kenya, 2015 and Ghana, 2016
Countries wanting to strengthen their national immunization programs by creating data quality improvement plans now have a model, due to the new WHO and CDC method for immunization information system assessments (IISAs) which was recently used for assessments in Kenya and Ghana. The availability, quality, and use of immunization data are widely considered to be cornerstones of successful national immunization programs. In 2015 and 2016, immunization information system assessments (IISAs) were conducted in Kenya and Ghana using a new WHO and CDC assessment method designed to identify the root causes of immunization data quality problems and assist in the development of improvement plans. In Kenya, this resulted in national and county target-setting workshops, with goals of strengthening support for 17 targeted counties. In Ghana, public health officials are piloting changes to improve the managerial and supervision skills of sub-district staff. They are also incorporating data quality content into pre-professional coursework for health students and continuing education for facility staff.