Defining total-body AIDS-virus burden with implications for curative strategies

Nature Medicine
November 2017, Volume 23 No 11 pp1243-1384

Defining total-body AIDS-virus burden with implications for curative strategies – pp1271 – 1276
Jacob D Estes, Cissy Kityo, Francis Ssali, Louise Swainson, Krystelle Nganou Makamdop, Gregory Q Del Prete, Steven G Deeks, Paul A Luciw, Jeffrey G Chipman, Gregory J Beilman, Torfi Hoskuldsson, Alexander Khoruts, Jodi Anderson, Claire Deleage, Jacob Jasurda, Thomas E Schmidt, Michael Hafertepe, Samuel P Callisto, Hope Pearson, Thomas Reimann, Jared Schuster, Jordan Schoephoerster, Peter Southern, Katherine Perkey, Liang Shang, Stephen W Wietgrefe, Courtney V Fletcher, Jeffrey D Lifson, Daniel C Douek, Joseph M McCune, Ashley T Haase & Timothy W Schacker
Quantifying the total-body virus burden in HIV-infected individuals is necessary to understand viral persistence and guide development of cure strategies. Here, Estes et al. find a high burden of residual virus in tissues of SIV-infected monkeys and HIV-infected humans, and evidence of low-level viral replication, even under antiretroviral therapy.