Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: systematic review of qualitative evidence

BMC Health Services Research
(Accessed 18 November 2017)

Research article
Seasonal influenza vaccination of healthcare workers: systematic review of qualitative evidence
Twenty-five studies were included in the review. HCWs may be motivated to accept vaccination to protect themselves and their patients against infection. However, a range of beliefs may act as barriers to vaccine uptake, including concerns about side-effects, scepticism about vaccine effectiveness, and the belief that influenza is not a serious illness. HCWs value their autonomy and professional responsibility in making decisions about vaccination. The implementation of interventions to promote vaccination uptake may face barriers both from HCWs’ personal beliefs and from the relationships between management and employees within the targeted organisations.
HCWs’ vaccination behaviour needs to be understood in the context of HCWs’ relationships with each other, with management and with patients. Interventions to promote vaccination should take into account both the individual beliefs of targeted HCWs and the organisational context within which they are implemented.
Authors: Theo Lorenc, David Marshall, Kath Wright, Katy Sutcliffe and Amanda Sowden
Citation: BMC Health Services Research 2017 17:732
Published on: 15 November 2017