Framing post-pandemic preparedness: Comparing eight European plans

Global Public Health
Volume 13, 2017   Issue 1

Framing post-pandemic preparedness: Comparing eight European plans
Martin Holmberg & Britta Lundgren
Pages: 99-114
Published online: 07 Mar 2016
Framing has previously been studied in the field of pandemic preparedness and global health governance and influenza pandemics have usually been framed in terms of security and evidence-based medicine on a global scale. This paper is based on the pandemic preparedness plans, published after 2009, from eight European countries. We study how pandemic preparedness is framed and how pandemic influenza in general is narrated in the plans. All plans contain references to ‘uncertainty’, ‘pandemic phases’, ‘risk management’, ‘vulnerability’ and ‘surveillance’. These themes were all framed differently in the studied plans. The preparedness plans in the member states diverge in ways that will challenge the ambition of the European Union to make the pandemic preparedness plans interoperable and to co-ordinate the member states during future pandemics.