Recruitment barriers for prophylactic vaccine trials: A study in Belgium

Volume 35, Issue 48, Part B  Pages 6583–6774 (4 December 2017)

Recruitment barriers for prophylactic vaccine trials: A study in Belgium
Review article
Pages 6598–6603
Lauriane Harrington, Pierre Van Damme, Corinne Vandermeulen, Stéphanie Mali
Recruitment of volunteers is one of the main challenges in clinical trial management, and there is little information about recruitment barriers for preventative vaccine trials. We investigated both the recruitment barriers and recruitment strategies for preventive vaccine trials in Belgium. A 10 min survey was used as well as interviews of staff at all clinical trial sites in Belgium that regularly perform vaccine trials. We observed that there are successful recruitment strategies and few recruitment issues for trials involving healthy adults and those over 65 years old. However, challenges face the recruitment of paediatric populations, pregnant women, patients and the very elderly (over 85 years old). From these results, we identified three priority areas to increase recruitment for prophylactic vaccine trials in Belgium. These are: the lack of public knowledge about infectious diseases; the lack of resources of healthcare professionals to take part in clinical trials; and the burden to potential volunteers to take part in a trial. These were discussed with stakeholders and solutions were proposed.