Attitudes about adult vaccines and reminder/recall in a safety net population

Volume 35, Issue 52  Pages 7213–7346 (19 December 2017)

Attitudes about adult vaccines and reminder/recall in a safety net population
Original research article
Pages 7292–7296
Karen Albright, Laura P. Hurley, Steven Lockhart, Dennis Gurfinkel, … Allison Kempe
Little is known about adult patients’ attitudes toward vaccination and preferences for reminder/recall. The objective of this study was to determine patient perspectives on adult vaccines generally; attitudes about Tdap, pneumococcal polysaccharide (PPSV-23), and seasonal influenza vaccines specifically; and preferences for adult reminder/recall delivery. Twelve focus groups were conducted with 68 patients in a safety net health system. The sample was stratified by preferred language (English or Spanish), age (18–64 or 65+), and health status (with or without chronic conditions). Participants expressed positive attitudes toward vaccines generally, but had little knowledge of specific vaccines other than influenza, about which they expressed concerns. Although none reported previous experience receiving reminder/recall notices for adult vaccines, all were in favor of receiving them. These results suggest potential patient interest in greater adoption of evidence-based methods to improve immunization rates, and highlight the need for improved communication between providers and patients about adult vaccines.