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Pan American Journal of Public Health
December 2017
Special Issue

The past, present, and future of immunization in the Americas
Jon Kim Andrus1, Ananda Sankar Bandyopadhyay2, M. Carolina Danovaro-Holliday3, Vance Dietz4, Carla Domingues5, J. Peter Figueroa6, Leila Posenato Garcia7, Alan Hinman8, Mirta Roses9, Cuauhtémoc Ruiz Matus10, Jose Ignácio Santos11, Fred Were12
The Pan American Journal of Public Health recognizes with appreciation the contributions of the members of the Editorial Committee, and authors of the Overview article. Their contributions and dedication to this issue on immunization in the Region of the Americas were extraordinary and helped make the manuscripts more interesting, more accurate, and more useful to our readers and all others who work to improve the health of the peoples of the Americas. The Journal would like to give special thanks to the General Coordination of the National Immunization Program, Department of Transmissible Disease Surveillance, Health Surveillance Secretariat, Ministry of Health, Brazil, whose financial and programmatic contributions were essential to the publication of this special issue.

Leadership in global health: the case of Ciro de Quadros, a testament to values, valor, and vision
Andrus, Jon Kim (2017-12)
When Dr. Bill Foege wrote “When Words Fail,” he was referring to how difficult it was for him to describe adequately, in written words, all the effort that is involved from the scientific conceptualization of a new …

Policies and processes for human papillomavirus vaccination in Latin America and the Caribbean
De la Hoz Restrepo, Fernando; Alvis Guzman, Nelson; De la Hoz Gomez, Alejandro; Ruiz, Cuauhtémoc (2017-12)
[ABSTRACT]. Objectives. Three highly effective vaccines are available to prevent human papillomavirus (HPV) infection, and they have been introduced in many countries around the world. This article describes advances and …

The Expanded Program on Immunization in the English- and Dutch-speaking Caribbean (1977–2016): reasons for its success
Lewis-Bell, Karen N.; Irons, Beryl; Ferdinand, Elizabeth; Jackson, Laura L.; Figueroa, J. Peter (2017-12)
[ABSTRACT]. The year 2017 marks the 40th year of the establishment of the Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) by the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the regional office of the World Health Organization (WHO) …

Progress towards a comprehensive approach to maternal and neonatal immunization in the Americas
Ropero Alvarez, Alba Maria; Jauregui, Barbara; El Omeiri, Nathalie (2017-12)
[ABSTRACT]. Maternal and neonatal immunization (MNI) is a core component of the new immunization model in the Americas, which transitioned from immunization of children to that of the entire family. Immunization during …

Experiencia del desarrollo de herramientas para el monitoreo de coberturas de vacunación y quimioterapia preventiva
Saboyá-Díaz, Martha Idalí; Morice, Ana; Danovaro-Holliday, M. Carolina; Ruiz Matus, Cuauhtémoc; Castellanos, Luis Gerardo; Velandia-González, Martha Patricia (2017-12)
[RESUMEN]. Objetivo. Describir la experiencia y las lecciones aprendidas en el desarrollo de herramientas para el monitoreo de las coberturas de vacunación y de quimioterapia preventiva en las Américas. Métodos. Se …

El desafío de la sostenibilidad de los programas ampliados de inmunizaciones
Báscolo, Ernesto; Cid, Camilo; Pagano, Juan Pablo; Urrutia, María Soledad; Del Riego, Amalia (2017-12)
[RESUMEN]. Objetivo. Analizar la sostenibilidad y la integración de los programas prioritarios en el marco de la Estrategia para el acceso universal a la salud y la cobertura universal de salud (Salud Universal) de la …

The path towards polio eradication over 40 years of the Expanded Program on Immunization in the Americas
Pedreira, Cristina; Thrush, Elizabeth; Rey-Benito, Gloria; Chévez, Ana Elena; Jauregui, Barbara (2017-12)
[ABSTRACT]. This article synthesizes the important lessons learned from polio eradication in the Region of the Americas, including initial and more recent challenges and best practices, as well as particular factors …

Motivos de no vacunación en menores de cinco años en cuatro ciudades colombianas
Escobar-Díaz, Fabio; Osorio-Merchán, May Bibiana; De la Hoz-Restrepo, Fernando (2017-12)
[RESUMEN]. Objetivo. Conocer las barreras y los motivos de no vacunación en niños y niñas menores de cinco años en algunas ciudades de Colombia. Métodos. Diseño cualitativo basado en entrevistas y grupos focales a …

The evolution of Vaccination Week in the Americas
Ropero Alvarez, Alba Maria; Kurtis, Hannah Jane; Vulanovic, Lauren; Hasan, Hayatee; Ruiz, Cuauhtémoc; Thrush, Elizabeth (2017-12)
[ABSTRACT]. This report covers the background and evolution of Vaccination Week in the Americas (VWA), an initiative that started as a coordinated response to a 2002 measles outbreak in Colombia and Venezuela, and evolved …