Global health aid allocation in the 21st century

Health Policy and Planning
Volume 33, Issue suppl_1   February 2018
Beyond Gross National Income: Innovative methods for global health aid allocation

Global health aid allocation in the 21st century
Jesse B Bump
Health Policy and Planning, Volume 33, Issue suppl_1, 1 February 2018, Pages i1–i3,
The ways multilateral agencies allocate support are idiosyncratic, include opaque judgments made with undisclosed criteria, and lead to results that are not widely disclosed. This presents deep challenges for accountability and legitimacy, and raises serious questions about how well the needs of recipient countries are assessed and addressed. The stakes are very high, and the underlying issues are very important. These include how agencies define need, determine eligibility, and decide what support to provide to whom. The governance of these processes is also crucial. However, allocation has attracted very little scrutiny.