Lancet Commission: Stem cells and regenerative medicine

The Lancet
Mar 03, 2018 Volume 391 Number 10123 p813-910

The Lancet Commissions
Lancet Commission: Stem cells and regenerative medicine
Giulio Cossu, Martin Birchall, Tracey Brown, Paolo De Coppi, Emily Culme-Seymour, Sahra Gibbon, Julian Hitchcock, Chris Mason, Jonathan Montgomery, Steve Morris, Francesco Muntoni, David Napier, Nazanin Owji, Aarathi Prasad, Jeff Round, Prince Saprai, Jack Stilgoe, Adrian Thrasher, James Wilson
In this Commission, we argue that a combination of poor quality science, unclear funding models, unrealistic hopes, and unscrupulous private clinics threatens regenerative medicine’s social licence to operate. If regenerative medicine is to shift from mostly small-scale bespoke experimental interventions into routine clinical practice, substantial rethinking of the social contract that supports such research and clinical practice in the public arena will be required.