Action research in the healthcare field: a scoping review

JBI Database of Systematic Review and Implementation Reports
April 2018 – Volume 16 – Issue 4
Systematic Reviews

Action research in the healthcare field: a scoping review
Action research is an approach that involves collaboration to develop a process through knowledge building and social change. Several viewpoints of action research have been introduced as the different traditions of developed action research. To develop a coherent process, researchers have to posit their worldviews and theoretical framework and align these with the research aims and procedures, and local transformation needs. This diversity leads to a variety of action research practices in healthcare. Particularly, in this review, we raised the need for examining participants’ experiences and changes related to the action research process.
Cordeiro, Luciana; Soares, Cassia Baldini
JBI Database of Systematic Reviews and Implementation Reports. 16(4):1003-1047, April 2018.