European Medicines Agency  [to 5 May 2018]
EMA 2017 annual report published
Report highlights major achievements and includes key figures …

Update of EU recommendations for 2018/2019 seasonal flu vaccine composition
Update to recommendations issued in March 2018 …

European Vaccine Initiative  [to 5 May 2018]
04 May 2018
EVI 20th Anniversary Symposium
EVI 20th Anniversary Symposium in Heidelberg, Germany, 20-21 November 2018
Gavi [to 5 May 2018]
02 May 2018
Cervical cancer vaccine introduced in Zimbabwe
800,000 girls to be protected against disease following introduction of HPV vaccine.
Geneva, 2 May 2018 – Girls across Zimbabwe will be protected against one of the country’s most deadly diseases following the introduction of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine into the country’s routine immunisation programme, First Lady of Zimbabwe Auxillia C. Mnangagwa announced today at a launch ceremony in Harare.
The vaccines, which will be funded by Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance and the Government of Zimbabwe, will reach over 800,000 girls aged between 10-14 years old across the country. UNICEF, WHO and partners will work alongside the Zimbabwe Ministry of Health on implementation…
IAVI  [to 5 May 2018]
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CSIS – Pursuing a Vaccine for HIV
May 3, 2018 | By Sara M. Allinder Podcast Episode
Despite substantial progress made in expanding access to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention options, a vaccine for HIV—even an imperfect one—is likely needed to put a durable end to the epidemic. In this episode of Take as Directed, Dr. Mark Feinberg, President and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) discusses the landscape of HIV vaccine development and why he thinks a vaccine remains a necessary pursuit. Dr. Feinberg also discusses the facilitating role that IAVI plays in the HIV vaccine development process.
MSF/Médecins Sans Frontières  [to 5 May 2018]
Press release
Libya: Time Running Out For Hundreds of Migrants and Refugees in Dangerously Overcrowded Detention Center
May 03, 2018
Hundreds of migrants and refugees are being held in a dangerously overcrowded detention center in Libya, without adequate food or water and in inhumane conditions, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) warned today.

Press release
Greece: As Prime Minister Visits Lesvos, Moria Camp is Overcrowded, Dangerous and Without Adequate Health Care
May 03, 2018
As the Greek Prime Minister, Alexis Tsipras, visits Lesvos for a regional conference, the international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) warns that thousands of men, women, and children in Lesvos are living in squalid, overcrowded conditions in Moria camp, with insufficient access to health care.

Press release
Preventive Oral Cholera Vaccination Campaign Underway in Juba, South Sudan
May 01, 2018
Working with the health authorities and partners, Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) is carrying out a four-week preventive oral cholera vaccination campaign in Juba, to increase the immunity of people at risk of this deadly disease.

NIH  [to 5 May 2018]
May 4, 2018
NIAID-Sponsored Trial of a Universal Influenza Vaccine Begins
— Phase 2 clinical trial of investigational universal influenza vaccines has begun in the U.S.

Essential malaria parasite genes revealed
May 3, 2018 — NIAID-funded research could aid antimalarial drug development
PATH  [to 5 May 2018]
Announcement | May 04, 2018
PATH names Michael Fahey as Chief Information Officer

UNAIDS [to 5 May 2018]
04 May 2018
Metrics matter in identifying gaps and key populations to find solutions in each country
The International Association of Providers of AIDS Care (IAPAC) hosted its 2018 Controlling the HIV Epidemic Summit in Geneva, Switzerland, on 3 and 4 May. Speakers at the summit discussed new metrics for assessing progress in national and subnational HIV responses as well as scaling up HIV services to include other health conditions, such as tuberculosis…

Feature story
South Africa tests ATMs for medicine
03 May 2018
People living with HIV and other chronic illnesses are getting faster, simpler access to essential medicines thanks to new medicine dispensing machines being piloted in Johannesburg, South Africa.
The non-profit organization Right to Care is testing three pharmacy dispensing units at a shopping mall and two hospitals. Most of the people using the new machines are accessing repeat prescriptions for HIV medicines…

UNICEF  [to 5 May 2018]
Selected Press Releases
UN urges the world to act now to save lives in West Africa’s Sahel
DAKAR, 3 May 2018 – Drought, high food prices and conflict are set to drive millions of people into acute hunger and malnutrition in parts of West Africa’s Sahel, if the global community does not act now, three United Nations agencies warned today.

Over 140 million children at greater risk of illness as they miss life-saving vitamin A supplements
NEW YORK, 2 May 2018  – Over 140 million children are at greater risk of illness, hearing loss, blindness and even death if urgent action is not taken to provide them with life-saving vitamin A supplements, warns UNICEF in a new report released today. Two doses of vitamin A every year can save thousands of children’s lives, yet as the report finds, the coverage of this low-cost intervention fell alarmingly in 2016.

Geneva Palais briefing note: 55,000 Rohingya refugee children at risk due to floods and landslides as pre-monsoon rains start in Bangladesh
GENEVA, 1 May 2018 – This is a summary of what was said by Christophe Boulierac, UNICEF spokesperson in Geneva – to whom quoted text may be attributed – at today’s press briefing at the Palais des Nations in Geneva.

Wellcome Trust  [to 5 May 2018]
Published: 3 May 2018
Policies to promote positive research cultures
Alyson Fox, our Director of Grants, explains how Wellcome’s grant conditions and policies help great ideas to thrive.
Today, Wellcome is introducing a new policy that clarifies our responsibilities as a funder in relation to bullying and harassment. In it, we set out what we expect from researchers we fund and the organisations that employ them, to ensure that people involved in Wellcome-funded activities are treated with dignity and respect.
This complements our guidelines on good research practice, updated in April, and other policies currently under review, including those on clinical trials and intellectual property…

Lassa fever: what Wellcome is doing to support Nigerian research
Explainer / Published: 1 May 2018
In mid-February, the World Health Organisation (WHO) announced a scaled-up response to the outbreak of Lassa fever in Nigeria. Josie Golding explains what Wellcome is doing to help. 

Can AI improve health for everyone? We want to fund research to find out
News / Published: 30 April 2018
Wellcome has commissioned a new report that focuses on the ethical, social and political challenges of using artificial intelligence (AI) in health. And to respond to the issues this raises, we’re launching AI-themed Seed Awards. Dan O’Connor, head of Wellcome’s Humanities and Social Science team, explains…
Wellcome has partnered with think-tank Future Advocacy (opens in a new tab) to produce a report: Ethical, social and political challenges of artificial intelligence in health [PDF 5MB].

Eight cutting-edge immunology projects we fund
Published: 29 April 2018
29 April is World Immunology Day 2018. Divya Shah and Pete Gardner, from our Science team, highlight some of the researchers we fund who are exploring different aspects of immunology and the immune system.

Industry Watch    [to 5 May 2018]
:: FDA Grants PaxVax Fast Track Designation for its Chikungunya Vaccine
May 4, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — PaxVax, a leading independent specialty vaccine company, announced today that it has received Fast Track designation from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its vaccine for the prevention of disease caused by the chikungunya virus.