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Think Tanks et al

Center for Global Development
Accessed 5 May 2018
Getting on the Road to Health for All: A Conversation About the 71st World Health Assembly
Each year, delegations representing all World Health Organization (WHO) Member States attend the World Health Assembly (WHA) to determine the policies and budget of the organization. In advance of this year’s WHA, the Center for Global Development will convene a curtain-raiser event to highlight topics and controversies on the WHA agenda — from universal health coverage (UHC) and its measurement to the role WHO might play vis-à-vis global partnerships and funders and the alignment of global priorities.

The State of Global Health Commodity Procurement: Moving from Data Points to the Bigger Picture
Blog Post
Kalipso Chalkidou, Janeen Madan Keller and Daniel Rosen
“Better data drive better decisions” is a truism that researchers everywhere are all too familiar with. Increasing the availability, usability, and relevance of data is key to tracking performance and informing smarter, more efficient policies—but too often the data we need simply aren’t available, at least not in a useful format. Recently, we’ve been exploring the availability of data (or lack thereof) related to global health commodity markets in the context of CGD’s working group on the Future of Global Health Procurement. To ground the working group’s recommendations, we’re trying to understand the current state of health commodity procurement in low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)—specifically which commodities are procured, by whom, how, and at what price.

Accessed 5 May 2018
Podcast Episode
Pursuing a Vaccine for HIV
May 3, 2018 | By Sara M. Allinder
Despite substantial progress made in expanding access to HIV/AIDS treatment and prevention options, a vaccine for HIV—even an imperfect one—is likely needed to put a durable end to the epidemic. In this episode of Take as Directed, Dr. Mark Feinberg, President and CEO of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative (IAVI) discusses the landscape of HIV vaccine development and why he thinks a vaccine remains a necessary pursuit. Dr. Feinberg also discusses the facilitating role that IAVI plays in the HIV vaccine development process.