Emergency deployment of oral cholera vaccine for the Rohingya in Bangladesh

The Lancet
May 12, 2018 Volume 391 Number 10133 p1865-1964

Emergency deployment of oral cholera vaccine for the Rohingya in Bangladesh
Firdausi Qadri, Abul Kalam Azad, Meerjady Sabrina Flora, Ashraful Islam Khan, Md Taufiqul
…This OCV campaign was undertaken in challenging conditions and provides a model for pre-emptive delivery of OCV from the stockpile to prevent major cholera epidemics in complex humanitarian emergencies at high risk for cholera. It shows the importance of cooperation and collaboration of governments, the ICG OCV stockpile group, and international partners for OCV implementation in humanitarian crises. The conditions in which the Rohingya live remain precarious. Although the OCV campaign has so far appeared to prevent a cholera outbreak or epidemic, there has been a continued influx of unvaccinated Rohingya after the campaign who, together with people who were missed in the campaign or received only a single dose, constitute a potentially at-risk population as the major cholera season approaches. Provision of adequate clean water and sanitation remains a challenge and there are fears that cyclones and landslides will further aggravate the situation. Accordingly, an additional tranche of OCV doses from the stockpile was approved on April 12, 2018, and vaccination of the new arrivals and of the host population living in close proximity and those aged 5 years and older at the time of the earlier campaign, who received only a single dose, began on May 6, 2018.

icddr,b and the IEDCR were involved in leading the surveillance described in this Comment and all the authors were involved in supporting the OCV campaigns…