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EBOLA/EVD  [to 2 Jun 2018]

29 May 2018 :: 22 pages

WHO: Ebola vaccine provides protection and hope for high-risk communities in the Democratic Republic of the Congo
30 May 2018
…”Ring vaccination is a new and vital tool in the control of Ebola,” said Dr Michael Ryan, WHO Assistant Director-General, Emergency Preparedness and Response. “I just spent the day out with the vaccination teams in the community, and for the first time in my experience, I saw hope in the face of Ebola and not terror. This is a major milestone for global public health.”
The ring vaccination is led by the National Institute of Biomedical Research and the Ministry of Health of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, which is working with a wide range of partners, including WHO, Médecins sans Frontières and UNICEF. Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance, contributed funds towards the operational costs, and through an agreement with Merck, the vaccine developer, helped ensure that 300 000 investigational doses of the vaccine are available in case of an outbreak. The vaccination is being provided to the contacts of confirmed cases, and the contacts of contacts, as well as healthcare workers, front line responders and other people with potential exposure to Ebola…
The Africa CDC Deploys Teams to the Province of Equator in the DRC to Support the Response to the Ebola Outbreak
June 01, 2018
Addis Ababa, 01 June 2018- After recruiting and training 18 Congolese volunteers, Arica CDC has just deployed them to Equator province to support the response to Ebola Virus Disease in DR Congo.
The responders, who are former volunteers of the African Union Support to the Ebola Outbreak in West Africa (ASEOWA) in the 2014-16 outbreak, also participated in the post-Ebola enhanced surveillance in the Democratic Republic of Congo in July 2017 in the province of Bas-Uélé.
Distributed in 4 subgroups, Africa CDC volunteers will be based in Mbandaka (Headquarters of the province of Equator), Bikoro, Itipo (Epicenter of the ongoing epidemic) and Iboko. This multi-disciplinary team is composed of epidemiologists, physicians, communication experts, infection prevention and control experts, and a data manager. They will support the efforts of the Congolese government in epidemiological surveillance, case management, laboratory diagnostic, water, hygiene and sanitation as well as communication and social mobilization.
In the meantime, the Africa CDC today held a task force meeting to further plan for the African Union support to the Ebola outbreak in the DRC. The meeting, chaired by the Africa CDC director Dr John Nkengasong received a situation report on the current status and deliberated on the concept of operations.
DRC: MSF begins Ebola vaccination trial in Bikoro to help curb outbreak
Press release
NEW YORK/KINSHASA, MAY 29, 2018—The international medical humanitarian organization Doctors Without Borders/Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) started vaccinating Ebola frontline workers yesterday in Bikoro, Equateur Province, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The vaccination, which is being conducted with Epicentre—MSF’s research arm—will also be offered to contacts of patients. The start of the Bikoro trial comes about a week after health care workers in Mbandaka began receiving the vaccine.
The vaccination trial—which is only one element of the larger strategy to control the spread of Ebola—will be administered using a “ring” approach. This involves identifying newly diagnosed and laboratory-confirmed Ebola patients, locating the people they have been in contact with—often family members, neighbors, colleagues, and friends—and vaccinating them.   This type of approach aims to help contain and prevent the spread of infection.
This investigational vaccine (rVSVDG-ZEBOV-GP) has not yet been licensed and is being implemented through a study protocol, which has been accepted by national authorities and the Ethical Review Board in Kinshasa, as well as MSF’s Ethical Review Board.
Participation in this vaccine trial is voluntary and free, participants receive information on the vaccine before consenting, and those who choose to be vaccinated are carefully monitored over a period of time. “Given that it has not yet been licensed, we will be closely monitoring the vaccination,” said Micaela Serafini, MSF’s medical director in Geneva…

Statement from FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D., on federal preparedness and FDA’s response efforts to the Ebola virus outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo
May 30, 2018