WHO & Regional Offices [to 23 Jun 2018]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 23 Jun 2018]

Paediatric chewable medicine promises improved treatment against intestinal worms
20 June 2018 | Geneva −− The World Health Organization (WHO) will begin distributing a paediatric (chewable) formulation of mebendazole to countries with a high prevalence of soil-transmitted helminthiases (intestinal worms). Mebendazole is one of the medicines recommended by WHO to treat intestinal worm infections of humans. This formulation was approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2016 and is now donated to WHO by the pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson…


Weekly Epidemiological Record, 22 June 2018, vol. 93, 25 (pp. 357–368)
:: Joint External Evaluation in crisis countries – a perspective from the Eastern Mediterranean Region
:: Strategic response to an outbreak of circulating vaccine-derived poliovirus type 2, Syrian Arab Republic, 2017–2018
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WHO African Region AFRO
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:: Polio Eradication-Regional Certification Commission concludes meeting with far-reaching recommendations for countries  22 June 2018
:: On the hunt for Ebola in the Democratic Republic of Congo  21 June 2018
:: Maximising digital health technology to improve quality and patient safety in Africa  20 June 2018
:: Zimbabwe reaches One million men with Voluntary Medical Male Circumcision  19 June 2018
:: Nigeria and Africa on track to eradicating poliomyelitis says Minister of Health  18 June 2018

WHO European Region EURO
:: Is European Region ready to respond to next influenza pandemic? 21-06-2018
:: WHO opens new Country Office in Greece 20-06-2018
:: World Refugee Day: WHO trains Syrian refugees to serve as home-care staff to older and disabled refugees in Turkey 19-06-2018
:: Commemorating the impact of Semmelweis’ work on global health 19-06-2018
:: Investment and innovation for inclusive health systems key to nations’ prosperity 18-06-2018

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
:: World Refugee Day 2018
19 June 2018 – On World Refugee Day 2018, the WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean calls for renewed support for the protection and well-being of refugees and other displaced populations, and their right to seek health services with dignity, without discrimination, and without undergoing financial hardship…