A renewed focus on preventing malaria in pregnancy

Reproductive Health
[Accessed 28 Jul 2018]

|   27 July 2018
A renewed focus on preventing malaria in pregnancy
Authors: Erin K. Ferenchick, Elaine Roman, Katherine Wolf, Lia Florey, Susan Youll, Viviana Mangiaterra, Koki Agarwal and Julie Gutman
While much progress has been achieved globally in the fight against malaria, the significant financial investments made to date have not translated into scaled-up malaria in pregnancy (MiP) prevention efforts. Mothers and newborns remain at risk, and now is the time to refocus efforts. Against the backdrop of a new global health architecture embodied by the principles of Every Women, Every Child and driven by the work of the H6 Partnership, Global Financing Facility, strong bilaterals and key financiers, there is a new and timely juncture to advocate for MiP. Recent updates in the WHO Recommendations on Antenatal Care for a Positive Pregnancy Experience present an opportunity to strengthen MiP as a core maternal and child health issue and position MiP prevention as a priority.