The Forgotten Need of Disaster Relief

Disaster Medicine and Public Health Preparedness
Volume 12 – Issue 3 – June 2018

The Forgotten Need of Disaster Relief
Leonardo Tamariz, Cynthia Cely, Ana Palacio
Published online: 18 September 2017, pp. 284-286
Disasters in countries with limited resources can put the emergency preparedness of the country to the test. The first major task after a disaster is to take care of the wounded. In countries where the epidemiological transition has occurred, chronic disease can place a major strain on public health preparedness after a disaster. The purpose of this field report is to alert public health practitioners of an infrequently reported public health problem: the impact of natural disasters on adherence to chronic medications. In our experience, the most common complaint in the weeks that followed the 2016 earthquake was not having access to their chronic medications. (Disaster Med Public Health)