To talk better about vaccines, we should talk less about vaccines

Volume 36, Issue 34   Pages 5107-5218 (16 August 2018)

To talk better about vaccines, we should talk less about vaccines
Open access
Pages 5107-5108
Francesco Gesualdo, Nicola Zamperini, Alberto E. Tozzi
While continuing to provide evidence on the efficacy and safety of vaccines, we propose a reframing of vaccine communication that focuses on the positive, emotional values of immunizations.
This change of perspective requires a strong opening to multidisciplinary collaboration. New, possibly disruptive information strategies can arise from the cross-fertilization among clinicians, vaccine researchers, behavioral scientists, journalists and communication experts.
Since evidence on the effectiveness of this approach are currently missing, we suggest that a new research agenda is set on investigating the effectiveness of vaccine promotion strategies based on positive messages and on integrated communication. The challenge of this research field is that one size does not fit all. Therefore, potential differences among subgroups and in different national and subnational contexts should be considered and investigated to better tailor communication strategies.
We believe that the proposed approach could give a new boost to vaccine confidence, in the interest of the community at large, and of children and their future.