WHO & Regional Offices [to 25 Aug 2018]

WHO & Regional Offices [to 25 Aug 2018]

24 August 2018 | News Release
Samoa rolls out triple drug therapy to accelerate elimination of lymphatic filariasis

20 August 2018 | News Release
Measles cases hit record high in the European Region
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Weekly Epidemiological Record, 24 August 2018, vol. 93, 34 (pp. 429–444)
:: Review of the 2017–2018 influenza season in the northern hemisphere
WHO Regional Offices
Selected Press Releases, Announcements
WHO African Region AFRO
Selected Featured News
:: WHO provides medicines and equipment for Ebola preparedness and control of Malaria & Neglected Tropical Diseases in Tanzania   24 August 2018
:: Uganda heightens Ebola preparedness response   23 August 2018

WHO Region of the Americas PAHO
:: PAHO urges rapid increase in vaccination coverage to stop spread of measles in the Americas (08/24/2018)
WHO South-East Asia Region SEARO
:: Major outbreaks averted, thousands of lives saved; but Rohingyas continue to be vulnerable: WHO   Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, 24 August 2018
WHO European Region EURO
:: Strengthening human resources for rehabilitation in Tajikistan 23-08-2018
:: Q&A: Transforming the health system for better antenatal care in Georgia 22-08-2018
:: West Nile virus infections spike in southern and central Europe 21-08-2018
:: Measles cases hit record high in the European Region 20-08-2018

WHO Eastern Mediterranean Region EMRO
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WHO Western Pacific Region
:: Federated States of Micronesia forges a way forward to health security in the Pacific
20 August 2018 – The Federated States of Micronesia has become the first Pacific island country to complete a Joint External Evaluation (JEE). JEEs are voluntary, and involve a team of local and international experts working together to evaluate the country’s preparedness for outbreaks and health emergencies…