Cholera: recent updates

Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases
October 2018 – Volume 31 – Issue 5

Cholera: recent updates
Weil, Ana A.; Ryan, Edward T.
Current Opinion in Infectious Diseases. 31(5):455-461, October 2018.
Purpose of review
In this review, we will examine updates in cholera epidemiology, advances in our understanding of pathogenesis and protective immunity, and changes to prevention strategies.
Recent findings
New modeling techniques and molecular epidemiology have led to advancements in our understanding of how Vibrio cholerae has persisted and re-emerged in new areas during the seventh pandemic. Use of next-generation sequencing has shed new light on immune responses to disease and vaccination, and the role of the gut microbiome in cholera. Increased efficacy and availability of vaccines have made long-term goals of global control of cholera more achievable.
Advancements in our understanding of immunity and susceptibility to V. cholerae , in addition to an increased global commitment to disease prevention, have led to optimism for the future of cholera prevention.