Research on research

21 September 2018  Vol 361, Issue 6408
Special Issue; Metaresearch

Research on research
By Martin Enserink
Science21 Sep 2018 : 1178-1179 Full Access
A growing number of scientists is studying science itself.
The number of scientists who study science itself is growing rapidly, driven in part by the realization that science isn’t always the rigorous, objective search for knowledge it’s supposed to be. Editors of medical journals, embarrassed by the quality of the papers they were publishing, began to turn the lens of science on their own profession decades ago, creating a new field now named “journalology.” More recently, psychologists have taken the lead, plagued by existential doubts after many results proved irreproducible. Other fields are following suit, and metaresearch, or research on research, is now blossoming as a scientific field of its own.