Should travelers be offered vaccination against the dengue virus?

Travel Medicine and Infectious Diseases
September-October, 2018  Volume 25

Should travelers be offered vaccination against the dengue virus?
Emilie Javelle, Asma Al Balushi, Sanne Jespersen, Seif Al-Abri, Philippe Gautret, Eskild Petersen
Publication stage: In Press Accepted Manuscript
Published online: September 26, 2018
Dengue fever is expanding into new areas due to travel, climate change, urbanization, and the widening geographic range of the main vectors Ae.aegypti and Ae.albopictus [1].The newly licensed, tetravalent vaccine, Dengvaxia (CYD-TDV) by Sanofi Pasteur,has surprisingly been shown to increase the risk of severe dengue virus disease in persons not previously exposed to dengue virus. This has halted the roll out of the vaccine in endemic areas. In this editorial we argue that the new vaccine may have a place for travellers from non-endemic to endemic areas, who have previously experienced a dengue virus infection.