Fast Tracks and Roadblocks for Zika Vaccines

Vaccines — Open Access Journal
(Accessed 24 Nov 2018 )

Open Access  Review
Fast Tracks and Roadblocks for Zika Vaccines
by Khairunnisa Abdul Ghaffar, Lisa F.P. Ng and Laurent Renia
Vaccines 2018, 6(4), 77; – 21 November 2018
In early 2014, a relatively obscure virus, the Zika virus, made headlines worldwide following an increase in the number of congenital malformations. Since then, research on Zika virus, treatment and vaccines have progressed swiftly with various drugs being repurposed and vaccines heading into clinical trials. Nonetheless, the need for a vaccine is crucial in order to eradicate this re-emerging arthropod-borne virus which remained silent since its first discovery in 1947. In this review, we focused on how the inconspicuous virus managed to spread, the key immunological factors required for a vaccine and the various vaccine platforms that are currently being studied.