Exploring the ethics of global health research priority-setting

BMC Medical Ethics
(Accessed 8 Dec 2018)

|   6 December 2018
Exploring the ethics of global health research priority-setting
Thus far, little work in bioethics has specifically focused on global health research priority-setting. Yet features of global health research priority-setting raise ethical considerations and concerns related to health justice. For example, such processes are often exclusively disease-driven, meaning they rely heavily on burden of disease considerations. They, therefore, tend to undervalue non-biomedical research topics, which have been identified as essential to helping reduce health disparities. In recognition of these ethical concerns and the limited scholarship and dialogue addressing them, we convened an international workshop in September 2015. The workshop aimed to initiate discussion on the appropriate relationship between global and national levels of health research priority-setting and to begin exploring what might be ethically required for priority-setting at each of those levels.
Authors: Bridget Pratt, Mark Sheehan, Nicola Barsdorf and Adnan A. Hyder