Pregnant Women and the Ebola Crisis

New England Journal of Medicine
December 27, 2018  Vol. 379 No. 26

Pregnant Women and the Ebola Crisis
Lisa B. Haddad, M.D., M.P.H.,
Denise J. Jamieson, M.D., M.P.H.,
and Sonja A. Rasmussen, M.D.
…Though data are limited, the available information regarding pregnancy during Ebola outbreaks provides a reason for concern. Women appear to have higher Ebola infection rates than men; perhaps they tend to become infected when caring for sick family members, or perhaps they have increased susceptibility. Although data from past outbreaks revealed a case-fatality rate among pregnant women as high as 90%, more recent data suggest that the risk of death among EVD-infected pregnant women might be similar to that among nonpregnant women.2 Additional data are needed, however, to better characterize outcomes…