Challenges and strategies for developing efficacious and long-lasting malaria vaccines

Science Translational Medicine
09 January 2019  Vol 11, Issue 474

Challenges and strategies for developing efficacious and long-lasting malaria vaccines
By James G. Beeson, Liriye Kurtovic, Carlota Dobaño, D. Herbert Opi, Jo-Anne Chan, Gaoqian Feng, Michael F. Good, Linda Reiling, Michelle J. Boyle
Science Translational Medicine09 Jan 2019 Restricted Access
New knowledge and strategies are emerging to enable the development of an efficacious and long-lasting vaccine against malaria.
Although there has been major recent progress in malaria vaccine development, substantial challenges remain for achieving highly efficacious and durable vaccines against Plasmodium falciparum and Plasmodium vivax malaria. Greater knowledge of mechanisms and key targets of immunity are needed to accomplish this goal, together with new strategies for generating potent, long-lasting, functional immunity against multiple antigens. Implementation considerations in endemic areas will ultimately affect vaccine effectiveness, so innovations to simplify and enhance delivery are also needed. Whereas challenges remain, recent exciting progress and emerging knowledge promise hope for the future of malaria vaccines.