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Think Tanks et al

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Center for Global Development
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Council on Foreign Relations
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January 7, 2019
Public Health Threats and Pandemics
The Ebola Virus
Endemic to the African tropics, the Ebola virus has killed thousands in recent years, putting the World Health Organization and major donor countries in the limelight as they’ve grappled with how to respond to outbreaks.
Backgrounder by Claire Felter and Danielle Renwick

Kaiser Family Foundation
Accessed 19 Jan 2019
January 18, 2019 News Release
Ebola Spreads amid Violence in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and U.S. Role Remains Limited
A new KFF issue brief examines the international and U.S. response to the ongoing Ebola outbreak in the Democratic Republic of Congo, now the second largest ever recorded, as authorities struggle to contain the virus’ spread amid violence in an active combat zone.
Conflict in the Ebola-affected region has impeded the response from the start, but conditions worsened following the DRC’s contested national elections in December. The brief notes the limited U.S. role with restricted deployment of key personnel due to safety concerns.

World Economic Forum    [to 19 Jan 2019]
Selected News Releases
 Risks to Global Businesses from New Era of Epidemics Rival Climate Change
News 18 Jan 2019

  • The number and kind of infectious disease outbreaks have increased significantly over the past 30 years
  • Since 2011, the world has seen nearly 200 epidemic events per year
  • Pandemics will be the cause of average annual economic losses of 0.7% of global GDP – or $570 billion – a threat similar in scale to that estimated for climate change in the coming decades
  • Companies operating globally can take action to mitigate threats posed by epidemics
  • Read the full report and view data visualization of corporate risk here